."Self - Portrait" Print

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Self-Portrait Print by Aeryk Williams


Material: Somerset Paper

Size: 30'' × 44''

Edition 27 + 3 AP

Certificate of authenticity

Signed, dated and numbered on recto in red ink


"It's how I view myself." -AERYK


Art Posters Versus Art Prints

If you want to start collecting, the best entrance into collecting art starts with prints and posters. What is the difference between posters and original prints? Both can be collector's items where posters are usually printed in huge runs and are not considered limited editions like prints that are signed and numbered. Posters usually use less expensive paper, while fine art prints are printed on high-quality paper. Fine art prints use better quality inks and printing surfaces to better resemble the original work, and will deteriorate much slower than a poster. Contemporary art prints and multiples are a convenient, quick and affordable way to add style to your space. You can hang them up with thumbtacks, putty or get creative with a homemade frame. Set the vibe of your space from the walls out. Mix and match your favorite art posters and prints on your wall showcasing everything that makes your style unique. Art prints available in all sizes, we advise waiting to buy frames until the prints arrive.