Pencil 12 Color Set

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Quality Art Supplies - 12 Color Pencils


Are you drawn to colored pencils? This extraordinary media has grown in popularity over the years, as colored pencil technology has become more refined and the resulting art more detailed and lifelike.

We offer a wide range of colored pencils for everyone from the absolute beginner or student grade colored pencils, to intermediate and professional artist. Professional-quality artist colored pencils contain more pigment and wax than what artists may remember using as children, resulting in deeper, richer colors. 

Colored pencil art is a process that becomes more challenging and enjoyable as different techniques are mastered. From simply learning how to move a colored pencil back and forth and adjust pressure on the tip, to learning how to hatch (make parallel lines), cross-hatch (make intersecting lines), layer (build up multiple layers of color), burnish (layer and blend until the paper's surface is no longer visible), scrape, add reflections, create textures, and more, it's a challenging and rewarding process. Better quality colored pencils make activities even more enjoyable and rewarding.