Aeryk Williams is a contemporary artist and creative investor. He is an entrepreneur with an extensive dealmaking history since 2010. Serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer he founded Wharton Court in 2020, an alternative investment firm pursuing multiple strategies across the investment spectrum focused on real estate, healthcare, technology and art. He has gained a unique range of experience in diverse areas including business development, real estate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and risk management. He also founded Aeryk Museum, a private foundation focused on artist rights, community development and cultural philanthropy. Funded by his own collection, he is best known for his word paintings that engage in concepts like sociology, philosophy and morals. As a conceptual expressionist his minimalist hand paintings embody a spiritual form and capture the expressive essence of a highly individuated artist. Today his art and books are in private collections of international art advisors, museum board members, curators, gallery directors, global wealth management advisors, art fair show directors, art magazine editors, Grammy and Oscar award winning producers.