Aeryk museum is a non-profit contemporary art institution dedicated to the life and work of Aeryk Williams. The artist-endowed, privately operated foundation has received is 501(c)(3) status in Los Angeles, CA. The Aeryk Williams foundation acquires and conserves original work, as well as items from his personal collection.

Loans from the Aeryk Museum collections will be considered for non-profit museums, institutions, and galleries for temporary exhibitions and longer-term installations of educational significance. Loan requests must be received at least six months in advance of opening.

All potential borrowers must submit a current AAM facilities report before the request is considered. If a loan is requested for an exhibition tour, facilities reports must be sent for all venues. Borrowing institutions must have a professional staff trained in handling artworks.

Facilities reports and any requested supplementary materials (hygrothermograph reports, insurance provisions, final dates and venues) must be received at least three months before the opening date. Borrowing institutions are also responsible for all costs of the loan, including but not limited to packing, fine arts shipping and insurance, and courier expenses when applicable.

Any necessary work for conservation, framing, and mount-making will be billed at an hourly. Estimates of object preparation expenses will be provided following the loan review, and borrowers must confirm that they accept the payment obligation before object preparation will begin.

Exhibitions are usually scheduled for twelve-week periods, allowing four weeks between venues for packing and shipping. The participation fee varies from exhibition to exhibition and includes costs of preparing the works for travel, packing, crating, transportation (including couriers if necessary), and insurance under the museum's policy.